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Can kids do pole dance?

There are many reasons why a child might want to do pole. Kids’ pole dancing is all about strength, flexibility, and technique – children have the endurance of a horse and lots of energy, they’re lithe and flexible, and they’re often great at doing things that look really cool but involve skill as well as style. 

One of the things that makes pole fitness such a good activity for kids is that it’s really not about appearance. Even if you’re trying to look good while you pole, part of the reason you’re doing it is so you can improve your strength, coordination, and endurance. You don’t have to care about how you look in the mirror to do pole – just like adults, kids can participate in pole purely for the sake of their health and well-being. The fact that the pole classes help you to look good is an additional bonus!

It is best to start practicing at age five. This is the most appropriate age, which coaches advise. But if your kid goes later, then there is nothing wrong.

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