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Hands on a Dancing Pole


Useful Information


Classes and Levels:

Our Lana Dancer academy in Edgewater NJ, offers a variety of pole dance classes, including introductory, intermediate, and advanced levels. Emphasizing pole fitness, participants learn exotic pole dance techniques, stretching routines, and various pole tricks to enhance strength and flexibility.

Requirements and Attire:

No prior experience is necessary to join our pole dance classes in Lana Dancer Academy in Edgewater NJ. Participants should wear comfortable athletic wear suitable for pole fitness, including attire suitable for exotic pole dance. Bring heels for certain routines. Classes are open to individuals of various ages, with participants under 18 requiring parental consent.

Community and Events:

Stay connected with our Lana Dance Academy in Edgewater NJ, pole dance community through our social media channels. Attend workshops, meet-and-greets, and other gatherings to foster camaraderie and support among students engaging in pole fitness, exotic pole dance, and floor and chair dance.

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