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Lana Dance Pole Tricks


Let’s Dance 

  • Pole dance 

  • Stretching 

  • Exotic pole dance 

  • Pole fitness & tricks

  • Floor & chair dance

Get Fit & Have Fun in Our classes.

Kids and adults, private, regular, and online classes are available!

It’s always been my passion to share my love of dance with the world. With many years of training and expertise, I specialize in techniques that put dancers on the path to achieving their dreams. Explore my site to learn more about what I offer.


Pole Dancer

About Lana Dancer

Having worked as a certified Pole Dance Instructor since 2000, I am proud to have built a reputation as a respected leader in the industry. I have trained dancers from all over the world, helping them grow into confident, well-rounded performers that are prepared to conquer any stage or dance floor. Join me for one of my engaging, challenging classes, conveniently offered both in-person and online.